ProDotA Gaming replacing F5!

2015-11-07 // 0 Comments

Unfortunatelly one of Fantastic Five player is in hospital and they didnt wanted to participate in the league and play with standins. Thats why tomorrow game at 15 CET didnt happened. Prodota Gaming will replace them and play against SFZ. Their roster: Даниил Mettrum Гилёв (support) Белоруссия, Belarus, BY Кирилл Sunlight Качинский (mid) Россия, Russia, RU Иван Vanskor Скороход (support) Белоруссия, Belarus, BY Максим Jackal Дорощёнок (carry) Россия, Russia, RU Владислав Yajitsu Федоров (offlane)   Good luck for them, and get better for the Fantastic Five [Read the full article!]

New series starts tomorrow! Get ready for the 4th

2015-11-05 // 0 Comments

We are happy to announce our 4th series on Hitbox EU Championship! You can check out the teams list under the teams menu also check out the schedule. We invited the last series winner NLG who had some roster changes after they won the 3rd season of HEUC, the question is can they defend it? They will most likely need to work hard to do so since we have really good teams. First match will be NLG – ATN at 19.30 CET! Check out the streams [Read the full article!]

Teamless will replace 4ASC due roster problems

2015-08-25 // 0 Comments

Since the team Reshuffles 4ASC have roster problems most likely they will change their roster, and unfortunatelly they had to reject to play in the event. In the mean time we have a new team under the sun, who will replace them, call Teamless Their roster: Yol, bzz, general, sunlight, +1 Good luck for 4ASC to fix their roster, also good luck for Teamless in the cup! The event will continue today from 16 CET, check out the bracket for more [Read the full article!]

Join to our giveaway and win one of the 4 Steelseries DotA mice!

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Now its your time to win at our giveaway! We are offering you 4 Steelseries DotA 2 Rival Edition mice. How to join to the giveaway? Its really easy, just follow the steps: – Like our facebook page here: – Like Steelseries facebook page: – Like our giveaway post and write a comment under the post “i want to win”ú   We will announce the winners at September 1 under this facebook post! Good luck for [Read the full article!]

2nd Season starting on Monday! Be ready!

2015-04-18 // 0 Comments

Hello!   Our second season will be started on Monday! You can check out the teams list and the bracket at our header menus! We are proud to introduce our new sponsors, Vulcun where you can play in fantasy leagues and win real money if you make teams for every day! Check it out here: Our ticket already in the DotA 2 store, so if you want to watch the games in-game check it out!   You can watch the streams in the right side of the website! Have [Read the full article!]

Kickoff today 4PM CET!

2015-03-13 // 0 Comments

Hello Guys! Its time to start our first season of Hitbox EU Championship. BBC will playing against mYinsanity at 16 CET and then the new “mix” team Burden United will play against the experienced russian squad, Vega at 19 CET Both matches will be casted at our hitbox channels, you can find the links in the right of the website! Our ticket in the store so if you want to follow the tournament in-game visit the DotA store: Good luck for the teams and have fun for the viewers! [Read the full article!] and Hitbox proudly present our new fast cup!

2015-03-01 // 0 Comments

In the first season pretty good teams will compete a single elimination round to get the 2500€ total prize pool! The teams: Basically unknown Lianghao Prize pool: 1. place – 1750 €” 2. place – 750 € Tournament dates: March 13 – 16 You can see the bracket under Seasons –> First season —> Bracket menu, also check out our “Sponsors” menu! Ticket in-game [Read the full article!]