PDCup #11 starting today!

2016-10-12 // 0 Comments

The SEA cup already started today morning with RAVE vs The Mongolz BO2 group stage match and we have a lot of other matches for today not to mention the full match list for the month which you can find at the top “Bracket” menus. We still owe you with the Imperial – Prodota Grand Finals from the last season which will be played on October 16th 18 CEST. Can Prodota write history and win 3rd time in a row? Lets find out! But untill that we hope that all of you will continue to support the Prodota Cup by watching our matches on Azubu, bet on our matches at Dota2Bestyolo.com or Vitalbet.com and purchase our ingame [READ MORE]

Prodota Team won the 2nd Cup in a row!

2016-09-02 // 0 Comments

Today we finished the 9th Season of ProDotA Cup and we could see that Prodota Team (official team of prodota.ru organization) won with dominating performance against the biggest favourite of the tournament, Kaipi. Kaipi however won the 1st map but they couldnt handle the excellent teamplay by Prodota. Garter was our MVP of the tournament, making sure that his team winning the cup he played extremelly good games and carried his mates. If you didnt saw the last match we recommend you to watch it on Youtube or in-game, both teams played very well but Kaipi couldnt do anything against Garter’s Slark. To mention our 1st SEA cup aswell, which was finished on August 30th we crowned XctN as the first champions of the ProDotA SEA Cup. The 2nd placed team was Warriors Gaming and the 3rd was Orange Taring. We wish them good luck for them in the future!   About the next seasons, we will run the 10th ProDotA Cups in September aswell, starting on the 15th! Please support us again by watching the matches at Azubu.tv or In-game via ticket! See [READ MORE]

ProDotA Cup is back with New SEA Series!

2016-08-14 // 0 Comments

As i mentioned when we finished 8th Season of ProDotA Cup we have a suprise for the viewers, which is the new SEA cup! This will unfortunatelly means that we will not have US cup this month and if SEA cup will go well, we will stick with it. There are many good teams from SEA participating the event, you can check out the brackets at the top menu we refreshed it this time! Hope all of you will enjoy the 9th Season of ProDotA Cup and support us by watching the games! Have fun for [READ MORE]

ProDotA Cup winners in July made some suprises!

2016-07-26 // 0 Comments

The European cup finished 2 days ago and Prodota won the 8th season with perfect performance against Elements Pro Gaming, dropping only 1 map. Prodota with their fresh lineup made an extreme run at PDCup losing only one map in the whole event. You can find the vods on our channels: English    Russian US cup just finished yesterday, crowning Infamous in the end. They also made extremelly good performance, since they lost against FDL at the 2nd round of Winner Bracket, then played and win against them at LB Finals, after this they faced against VoidBoys who had 1-0 advantage at the Grand Finals but couldnt win a single map against Infamous.   We will be back in the middle of August with the next ProDotA Cup and we have a suprise for you so dont miss our [READ MORE]

Introducing our new Sponsor where you can Donate by using Coupon Codes and incrase the prize pool!

2016-07-18 // 0 Comments

We will cooperate with Matcherino.com to incrase the prize pool but we need your help! To help us first of all go to the sites and click on the Donate button, use our ProDotAEU or ProDotAUS coupon codes, depends which site you are at and you already incrased the prize pool with $1 Its simple! We also have some Backers for the guys who want to support the teams getting more money from the prize pool! At minimum $10 donation you will take a part from our Logitech Keyboard Giveaway At minimum $15 donation you can vote for a team which we will try to invite for the next season At minimum $50 donation your name will be shown on the livestream as official sponsor of the event! Hope you guys like the idea and you will support us and the teams to incrase the prize pool. To do it simply go to the EU or the US event page at [READ MORE]

ProDotA Cup back with the 7th Season!

2016-06-02 // 0 Comments

Only few days ago we crowned Shazam and SpiderPigs as the winner of the 6th season. With a bit break we are ready to announce the next series where few new teams such as Sqreen Squad, Comanche and Valkyrie eSports will attend with some big names like Team Spirit, Power Rangers, Polarity, Kaipi and Flipsid3. You can check out the bracket under the “bracket” menu with the full team list and dates. Yes, we know that the Majors will happen at the same time but fortunatelly we will have all games after the Major matches so we hope you will watch our cup and enjoying it. Have fun for [READ MORE]

ProDotA Cup #6 kickoff today!

2016-05-07 // 0 Comments

2 weeks after Rebels won the 5th ProDotA Cup EU series we are ready to start the next season. You can check out the team list under the bracket links for both EU and US cup. We will have a little break to avoid Epicenter and BTS qualifiers at the EU cup but the US cup will be continously so there will be a lot of games to watch and bet untill May 28th. Good luck for the teams and have fun for the [READ MORE]

New team, new PDCup Champions!

2016-04-23 // 0 Comments

Vanskor’s new team Rebels, which was made last month won the 5th ProDotA Cup and $3500 with it! Rebels won all games at the Upper bracket so their performance were excelent. The Grand Finals was played against Rebels and Team Spirit with 1-0 Rebls advantage. After Team Spirit won the 3rd map it was 2-2 between the two side so it was a full BO5 in the end. The 3rd placed team was Team Empire who lost against Team Spirit at the Lower Bracket. If you want to watch the replays you can find the vods in-game or on our Azubu channels: English Russian We will coming back with the Season 6 on May 7th! Untill that have fun with watching other event [READ MORE]

Big teams joining the 5th ProDotA Cup!

2016-04-01 // 0 Comments

We almost just finished the 4th season of ProDotA cup where ATN won the 3500$ but we already ready for the 5th season! There will be a lot of new teams cause of the Major roster changes and also we invited some big names to make good show for the viewers! The participating team list: Team Spirit Team Empire Fantastic Five Kaipi Prodota Gaming Yellow Submarine Danish Bears Rebels PRIES Defiance Gaming (Sqreen, Swiftending, neqroman, kingr, Trixi) Topovoe nazvanie (Nexus, sunlight, gorec, shadowex, axmo) Komanda Plus (Nikobaby, Pure Evil, Stomanen, Hawkeye, +1) NL5 4V+D (M4lem, Vroksnak, Miggi, Sogaard, +1) E-Lab Broodmothers The tournament will start on April 4th and runs untill 16th. The prize pool will be the same $5.000 1. Place: – $3.500 2. Place: – $1.000 3. Place: – $500   Good luck for the teams and have fun for the [READ MORE]

ProDotA Cup 4: Ex-Champions fighting to claim the victory again!

2016-03-12 // 0 Comments

Untill we started the US cup on March 7th we invited and set everything ready to start the EU cup, which had great success last time. Both Ad Finem (Winner of PDCup #2) and Prodota Gaming (Winner of PDCup #3) will participate on the event and trying to win the second title for themselfs. For betters we have an extremelly cool bonus if you deposit on Esportgaming you can get free 15$ with our “Prodota” referral code! Dont hesiteta and grab it!     As always you can found our games on Dota2Lounge so if you want to bet with skins go out there, also you can find our matches on Fanobet where you can also bet with CS:GO skins if you wish, and our new sponsor Vitalbet is on the list aswell.   Some new teams got invited to the EU cup, like No Logic Gaming with Black, Buugi and Nikobaby or SFZ with Ramzes and Afterlife. If you like these guys you must follow the event, bet on the matches and cheer for your favourite players / teams on the Azubu.tv streams. The event will start on Monday 16 CET with Yellow Submarine – NLG match. The prize [READ MORE]
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